The Center for Online Learning offers instructional design support to all Hunter College faculty creating and teaching hybrid and online courses. Through consultations, online workshops and customized training sessions, our staff of educational technologists and graphic designers can help professors who want to:

  • create digital course materials
  • record mini-lectures
  • design online assignments
  • select appropriate tools for interactive online activities
  • find media hosting options
  • learn about video captioning and making content accessible
  • use online conferencing tools
  • integrate e-textbooks and publisher content
  • design or redesign hybrid and online courses

The Center for Online Learning has a classroom-like space, and a room with two collaboration tables and two recording booths, allowing professors to:

  • record news-anchor-style videos
  • voice-over presentation slides
  • record screencasts showing procedures as displayed on a computer screen
  • capture lectures in a classroom-like setting
  • create Khan-Academy-style videos showing an instructor drawing freehand on a digital tablet
  • create animated videos and presentations