Why is instructor presence important?

  1. Increases student engagement
  2. Decreases sense of isolation
  3. Increases student satisfaction
  4. Decreases course attrition

How can instructor presence be enhanced online?

  1. Send Messages
    Send regular announcements or messages with course updates and reminders.
  2. Post summaries
    Post overviews and summaries of topics, weeks, or units.
  3. Provide feedback
    Provide timely and substantive feedback on discussions, assignments, and quizzes.
  4. Offer opportunities to interact with students
    Offer opportunities to interact with students in online conference rooms in real time (e.g. virtual office hours, exam reviews, small group discussions).
  5. Create videos
    Create videos to welcome students, to present content, and to give feedback.
  6. Create screencasts
    Create screencasts of how to navigate websites, use computer programs or solve problems.

Where can I learn more about enhancing instructor presence?