This online module is part of a Classical Mythology course taught by Prof. Jared Simard. In the module overview, Prof. Simard states the deadlines for each learning activity and explains that “This unit is a continuation of some of the themes discussed in the Underworld & Wrongdoers unit. In this extension, we will focus our readings on Wrongdoers who are primarily punished on the upper world or the world of the living. The myths of Arachne and Niobe are powerful. The myth of Orpheus has a big impact on the western tradition. The myths of Tiresias and King Midas offer insights into the human condition.”

This module follows the same structure as all the modules in the course. Students start by doing assigned readings and writing a journal entry reflecting on what they read. Then, they view mini-lectures that the professor has recorded and take notes. Thirdly, they go searching for examples of a scene from the myth that they have studied and share them with the class on a Padlet wall. This engaging activity requires that students find an example of a myth in art or some other modern medium such as literature, painting, sculpture, architectural relief, newspaper, magazine, comics, movie, TV, or video games. Students need to identify the artist, title, date, and the iconographical attributes used to identify the characters/myth or other identifying metadata. The final activity of the module involves participating in asynchronous discussions following prompts given by the professor.